Contented Garden

I have a sense of contentment about the garden this year, something I haven’t felt for a long time. It’s almost like I have fallen in love with the garden all over again. And this time I have more knowledge and wisdom, gained through the years since we started developing it.

Perhaps because the big project is over? It’s amazing how much it has taken over our time, and how much focus it needed. For several years, the rest of the garden was sorted in the spring then almost left to fend for itself for the rest of the season whilst we focused on the new area. And now that the new area is sorted I find myself having more time to spend and think about the rest of the garden. A luxury of time that I didn’t really have for quite some time. And now we have it and I’m quietly thrilled. I may not be shrieking and jumping around but inside I’m excited and ecstatic. 

b-luxBut also perhaps because the big project is over. It’s there now, right in front of us full of water and with fish swimming in it. And I’m amazed how incredibly calming it is to watch them swimming around, going about their business, and approaching you as they beg for food. This is what we worked hard for all this time and now we’re enjoying it.

Most likely it is because of both reasons.

And I’m enjoying the moment. Just enjoying being here where we are now, our own garden.

Hence why I’m a bit blasé about attending plant fairs, visiting nurseries, and other gardens recently. Why work so hard only to dart off here there and everywhere


About junglegarden

I enjoy a jungle style garden. Growing banana palm and other exotic plant.
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