Time waits for no Man

This summer has been a good one weather wise. The spring was quite slow to warm up but we have more than made up for that with decent summer weather. Its been warm here but not so warm to cause plants to dry out, plus there has been a reasonable amount of rain too.

I would go as far as to say that this year has been perfect weather wise for growing tropical plants outside. If only we get a long Indian summer going into autumn and then a mild winter hehe!!

Whether the weather will behave how I want it to is yet to be seen, it rarely is benign for long, although the period from 2004 to 2009 was pretty good. Perhaps it will be like that again starting now (well I can dream can’t I????)

Anyway with so much perfect growing weather the plants have been busy growing and if anything the garden is too much of a jungle and needs some hacking back. I suspect we may have a lost tribe from South America hiding in the back of the bamboos 🙂 Well perhaps not and thats the children from the next door neighbours house.

With the plants doing so well I must trim back so much and get things off to the rubbish dump this weekend. We have guests staying with us soon and I want the garden to be in tip top perfect condition for them, and that includes being able to walk down the pathways and to be able to appreciate the size, form and structure of the plants.

Enjoy the weather and your Garden!


About junglegarden

I enjoy a jungle style garden. Growing banana palm and other exotic plant.
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