Let the digging commence

Digging out the new pond area in the wettest spring I can remember was perhaps not my smartest move, but I have started anyway. With help brought in from my cousin and his mate we have shifted quite a lot of the heavy wet clay. And clay when it is wet is very very heavy. Im sure it will all be worth it in the end but at the moment it seems like a fools errand.

We are digging, shovelling and barrowing the mud from the hole to the front of the house to load into my cousins trailer to take it all to the rubbish dump where we have to unload it for recycling. Quite what they will do with all my mud is anyones guess but they are very welcome to it.

I wish now we had got a mini digger in when we had the chance before the extension was built but no point in worrying about that now. Whats done is done and my wife would not be impressed if I complained too much!


About junglegarden

I enjoy a jungle style garden. Growing banana palm and other exotic plant.
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