Schefflera Impressa

One plant that helps give a jungle impression is the Schefflera Group of plants. There are lots available, but often are quite expensive (The best supplier is Crug Farm in Wales – very very good quality plants that are second to none – however other sellers are available)

One of the best perfroming plants, which is a pretty hardy plant is Schefflera rhododendrifolia, still known by many as Schefflera impressa (and it is still often sold under the old name so check for both names).

The leaves exhibit the usual pinate shape common to schefflera. This plant is very hardy and even quite small and recently introduced plants suffered no damage during the winter of 2010-11 which by all accounts was the worst winter in 30 years.

A very beautiful plant that should be added to every jungle garden. Image


About junglegarden

I enjoy a jungle style garden. Growing banana palm and other exotic plant.
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