My Favourite Palm

My Personally favourite palm is Washingtonia robusta ( which is also sometimes called Mexican Fan Palm or Mexican Washingtonia). Washy as its sometimes called isnative to western Sonora and Baja California Sur in the north west of Mexico.

Given ideal conditions, it can grow to 25 m (82 ft) tall, although its not fully hardy in the UK. Each leaf has a petiole of up to 1 meter in length, and  then a palmate shaped fan of leafletsagain of up to 1 meter long. The flower can be  up to 3 meters long,  and contains numerous small pale orange/pink flowers. The fruit of the palm is a spherical, nearlyblack or very dark purple drupe, which is about five to ten milimeters in diameter and apparatnly the fruit is edible, though I wouldnt want to try!

In the UK however they rarely make this size, as they are not really hardy, except in a few locations with very ideal coniditions, and even then should only be considered a temporary plant. This will not survive the old winters the UK used to get. There are reports of some surviving a number of years in central London or the south coast, but these are most definately the exception rather than the norm.

However it is still my favourite palm, fast growing and more beautiful than Trachycarpus fortunei, its cheap and easily available and smaller plants will overwinter in pots in a greenhosue or conservatory with ease.

A must have plant for an Exotic Garden.


About junglegarden

I enjoy a jungle style garden. Growing banana palm and other exotic plant.
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