My Top Ten Exotic Plants

There are many plants suitable for creating your jungle garden. anything with a big leaf, bright colours, palm like or just interesting. Selecting just 10 is very hard but here are 10 to include.

1.Trachycarpus fortunei


The chusan palm, sometimes incorrectly called chamaerops excelsa is a very hardy palm suitable for the uk climate. Reported to be hardy to below -20C once mature, and a real must have plant.

2. Dicksonia antartica

Well known tree fern and easily available – even B&Q sells this. Hardy to about -10C but should be given protection and sited in a sheltered spot for the best performance. Needs lots of water.

3. Phormium tenax


Large plant with strap like leaves, easily hardy to about -10C although will be damaged at that temperature. From New Zealand and very arcitechtural.

4. Bamboo

There are so many available it would be impossible to pick just one. A selection of different shapes heights and colours should be included. Avoid the running types, although most will run to some extent.

5. Gunnera

The giant rhubarb, and it really is giant, needs a damp position for best results, and if given the best conditions will easily allow a person to walk underneath the giant leaves.

6. Schefflera taiwaniana

Very graceful and once established quite hardy, easily taking below -10C. Related to the common houseplant, schefflera arboricola sold in garden centres, but much more attractive. These can be expensive, with only a few suppliers such as Crug Farm in North Wales (who do mail order thankfully).

7. Chamaerops humilis

Another palm, not related to Trachycarpus despite the mis-naming of many nursery owners. Smaller than the Trachycarpus, and not as hardy. -10C will do damage to smaller plants, or even kill them. Larger plants will be hardy to -10C.

8. Paulownia tomentosa


The foxglove tree, large leaves which can get even larger if you pollard it. Veyr hardy and faily fast growing, can be grown from seed to a large size in less than 5 years.

9. Cordyline australis

Fast growing palm like plant from New Zealand, Often called a cabbage palm, although its not related to either. Reasonably hardy to about -7C, and the root stock can survive lower. A well established plant may survive (with damage) temperatures to about -10C

10. Fatsia Japonica


Large hand shaped leaves, evergreen and very hardy, These fast gorwing shrubs come from Japan and are easily hardy to -12C possibly lower, so an ideal plant for the UK.


About junglegarden

I enjoy a jungle style garden. Growing banana palm and other exotic plant.
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One Response to My Top Ten Exotic Plants

  1. David says:

    Love the photos, garden is looking fantastic

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