Jungle Design

Jungle style gardens often use plants that have adapted for hot conditions coming from places such as Mexico or Australia and Africa.  Using a selection of different plants with various leaf shapes and forms such as spiky, fluffy, tall, short, plants all should be used and plants from from bright and vibrant cannas and hardy palms to exotic hardy bananas such as musa basjoo all combine to give a garden an exotic, tropical jungle feel.

Making your selections for the exotic plants
Plants coming from the exotic and tropical regions of the world will often be far too tender to survive the winter in the UK. However some should be included to give that exotic flair, but you must remember to provide them with suitable protection over the winter perhaps using fleece, straw, heating cables or even a mini greenhouse. Some jungle style plants will cope well in dry soil for example plants such as phormium tenax, whereas others prefer a much more moist condition such as the giant rhubarb – gunnera and rodgersia.

A place to relax
To truely be able to appreciate your jungle garden you really do need a seating area that catches the sun hidden amongst the foliage. After all its the sun that most suggests an exotic location. Choose your furtniture that blends in well to the postion for instance wooden, rattan or bamboo furniture or for a more excentric and exlusive look how about something such as chairs carved from tree stumps or even a hammock strung between the trees. Imagine sitting in your hammock amoungst your palm trees drinking a nice cocktail!

Remember to source materials that will fit with your design, and feel exotic, for instance such as reed matting and bamboo screening to cover the typical garden fencing that most homes have.

Of course most of all you should have fun with your design. Its a place to escape to and enjoy!


About junglegarden

I enjoy a jungle style garden. Growing banana palm and other exotic plant.
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