Jungle Garden thoughts

To create a jungle garden plants are important but also you must remember intersting hard landscaping.

If you create a jungle garden in a city this can be a great design to recreate that tropical paradise feeling from your exotic holiday in you own back yard. The large lush green plants are key but you can have lots of fun playing with the jungle themed landscaping and other features.

Key considerations:

Plants:  I will talk about plants in a new post in the future. Here I will look at other aspects.


A Jungle Garden must have the feeling of seclusion, you do not want to see high rise buildings or neighbour houses. You dont get a skyscraper in a jungle of course!!! Planning the layout to hide tall buildings, neighbouring windows and also to hide any ugly features like a telephone pole or mobile phone mast are very important. These things take away the jungle look.

When choosing your design try to blend in the boundaries. Nothing says suburbia more than wooden fence panels painted in that horrid orange or red colour the DIY sheds are so keen to sell. If you have fences paint them dark green or black and have plants in front to hide them.

For fencing round a patio, spend extra money on something more interesting – you can get much better panels than those awful DIY ones and paint them a nice colour – white always looks good, its high maintenance but helps give you a better feeling.

Try and create a journey in the garden, make it flow somewhere, do not have straight pathways but put in bends, angles and hidden parts. Even in a small garden try to make some of it hidden from view.


Decking can make a big difference, but please avoid the same things that everyone uses, the cheap decks used by tv makeover shows do not make you thing of jungles but of Ground Force!. Use wide boards, scaffold boards or invest in a good quality hard wood. Stain these with a good quality paint, I like Ronseal rather than own brands.

Do not have a square deck, try to make it an interesting shape and have planting at the edges. soften what you do.


An absolute must have is water, a pond, waterfall and fish will make you drift away.

Be careful with water and children.

Natural Materials

Dont use too much concrete, but use stone for pathways or bricks/blocks. Try to remember what you seen on TV of real jungles, they dont have concrete flagstones, but paths have stone or stepping stones on gravel!

Good look with your plans


About junglegarden

I enjoy a jungle style garden. Growing banana palm and other exotic plant.
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